Qǔ Exchange is a Fintech (financial technology) platform that facilitates the sharing of excess products & services among the SMEs.

Through Qǔ Exchange, SMEs can secure instant trade points by pledging their own products/services, which can be immediately utilized to purchase their desired products or services from other SMEs within this community.

User must be a business owner/director of a legally incorporated business/company with SSM (Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia) and the business entity needs to be operational for at least 1 year.

User sign up and company registration can be completed via the Qǔ Exchange mobile app which is available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Incorporation Type Mandatory Documents
Sdn Bhd Form 24, 49 and M&A
Sole Proprietor Form B/D/E and SSM Certificate
Partnership/LLP Form P and SSM Certificate

Business Owners/Directors/Partners need to provide front and back screenshot of Identity Card.

There will be a 3% facilitating fee on each pledge application.

Maximum Pledge Limit
More than 1 year business operationUnable to provide audited report RM30,000
More than 3 years of business operationsTo provide latest audited report 10% of Annual Turnover based on audited accounts

The approval for pledge limit applied is subject to facilitator’s discretion.

Approval process for pledge applications should be completed within 5 working days. If users have not received any status updates after 5 working days, please contact our user support (admin@qu-exchange.com) for more information and clarification.

There is no expiry for Qǔ point. All transactions can be viewed on the users’ Qǔ Statement.

Each business entity can only have one Qǔ account at any point in time. Every account is uniquely identified by the business/company registration number. Other directors of the business entity will not be able to create a new account for the same business entity.

All legally incorporated businesses/companies can use Qǔ Exchange.

If there are any other questions that are not covered in the FAQ, kindly contact our user support (admin@qu-exchange.com) and we will be glad to assist you with other questions.