Increase Business Productivity With Qu

Increase Business Productivity With Qu

Digitise For Higher Productivity.

Business operations have always been labour intensive and consists of various manual work. This not only costs more in dollars, it also costs more in time wasted.

The technological advancement has presented with softwares that help businesses in automating these processes, reducing manual work and increasing efficiency.

Qu Exchange will be integrating these Productivity Softwares in the year 2019! Here are some of the core tools to look forward to:

1. Human Resource

An easier way to apply for leave, approve expenses claims, and process employees’ payslips using one system, reducing time and paper.

2. Accounting

An accounting system catered to SMEs. There is no need to outsource your accounting work, and no need to invest a huge sum of money on an accounting software.

3. Sales

Track your employees’ sales achievement and lead generation to ensure that they are on the right track. The system also ensures a safer way to store all of your prospects’ contacts.


Coming in 2019 on Qu’s Marketplace for Business Applications