Qu Wallet to Benefit Your Employees

Qu Wallet to Benefit Your Employees

Employee Flexi-Benefits on Qu Exchange.

Want to provide better employee benefits in your company but the cost is too high? Qu Exchange will be able to solve that problem for you soon!

SMEs will soon be able to allocate Qu Point to their employees using their Qu Wallet.

Here’s how:

1. Link

Once an employee has created an Individual Account on Qu Exchange, the employer will be able to link their Business Account with the employee by sending them a request.

2. Allocate

Once you have successfully pledged for Qu Point, go through the list of employees in your Business Account and allocate Qu Point to them individually.

3. Message

Have a conversation with each of your employees by tapping on “Go to Message” in your employee’s profile.


Coming soon in mid 2019. Stay tuned for updates.